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Learn simple skills that can help you grow and become independent.

We provide easy access to a learning platform using various devices including feature phones as well as fund for devices targeted at the unconnected in Africa.

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  • Digital literacy
  • Digital skills (Remote work)
  • Vocational skills


  • Test to measure competency
  • Certification
  • On-board to marketplace


  • Connect to customers
  • Connect to jobs
  • Connect to apprenticeships

Fund a device

We are looking to provide 22000 feature phones for unconnected women in Africa. To be part of this click on the button below to donate

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Call for Content

Are you a student, graduate, corps member, specialist in a vocation or small to medium scale business? Do you know how to create well structured content of your vocation? Here is an opportunity.

Hottest skills in demand

Digital skills

  • How to send email
  • Put your business for internet
  • Use computer to draw picture
  • How to Google something
  • Sell Market for Internet
  • Learn how to plan work well
  • Use computer to write letter
  • Learn how to use phone make video call
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Personal Improvement

  • How to speak English
  • How to look for work
  • How to manage your time well
  • How to use your mind
  • How to talk to people
  • How to turn house waste to money
  • How to be a better person
  • How to work with People
  • Sexual harassment
  • Know your rights
  • Obeying traffic rules
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Vocational skills

  • How to repair phone
  • How to clean house
  • How to start farm business
  • How to sew cloth
  • How to do make-up for people
  • How to make fine hair
  • How to paint picture
  • How to repair water pipe
  • How to change generator oil
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Community agents help drive usage in communities. Get people to download and use it. Host focus group sessions. We need people who want to volunteer to make an impact in their communities.

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Founded in 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. ScholarX Inc. is an Education Finance Tech Startup that has been at the fore front at bridging the access to education and skills gap due to lack of finance.

Till date, we've helped over 200,000 access direct funding and/or funding information through our various platforms.

In 2019, our SkillsFund initiative was recognised by United Nations Youth Solutions report as "Top 50 Solutions for Youth" Globally