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We answered some questions you might have

Can I request more than one service?
You can request for more than one service. We would be delighted to serve you for as long as you please.
Do I need to create a LearnAM account?
You do not need to create a LearnAM account before we attend to your needs. All you need to do is contact us and request for your most preferred service.
Will I be charged for the service I require?
Yes. However, prices for our services are negotiable and flexible.
How long will it take LearnAM to create content for me?
Content creation deliverables are dependent on the time frame you give us.
Do you work with companies outside Nigeria?
We work with companies within and outside Africa.
Do you have an API documentation?
We have a comprehensive API documentation which details how to effectively use and integrate our API.
Who do I contact if I have issues?
Our contact details would be available to you once you are in partnership with us.
Do I need to submit any documents before I am attended to?
No. You do not need to submit any documents before you are attended to.

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